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Between the Romagna Apennines and the sea, about 15 km from the Adriatic Riviera of Rimini and about 30 km from Ravenna, is Cesena, a beautiful Malatestian town.

Why visit

One of the most important artistic points of interest in Romagna, Cesena is a must for good food and wine lovers. The lordship of the Malatesta family brought Cesena to the apex of its culture and history, with some architectural and artistic treasures that can still be visited today.
Cesena’s important international position in the agri-food sector and its culinary traditions place the town among the most important destinations of the Romagna hinterland.

Where to visit and what to see

Cesena is an interesting destination all year round. Among its treasures is the Malatestian Library, one of the most important examples of an Italian fifteenth century library. The reason why the library is so precious is that it has remained completely unchanged, as it was five centuries ago. Due to its extraordinary heritage, it was included in the Unesco “Memory of the World” list.
The Malatesta Family also built the fortress of Cesena, one on the most impressive of Romagna. It can be seen from its bastions, with its two buildings: the “Male” and the “Female” towers. The latter hosts the Museum of Agricultural History which offers visitors an insight into the rural areas of Romagna over the years. The walkways inside the walls are also extremely mysterious and charming.
If you visit Cesena, you can’t miss a walk in the lively streets of the old town, from Piazza del Popolo to Palazzo del Ridotto, with the bronze statue of pope Pius VI, from the Cathedral of S. Giovanni Battista, with the chapel of Madonna del Popolo and the Museum of Sacred Art, and the Alessandro Bonci” theatre, a true neoclassical jewel. The culture offered is complemented by the Museum of Natural Sciences, the Municipal Art Gallery (hosting the precious painting of “Madonna della Pera” by Paolo Veneziano), the Archaeological Museum and the Museum of Centuriation.

teatro bonci 2 Cupola_dell'Abbazia_di_Santa_Maria_del_Monte Fontanamasinia
On a hill, visible from everywhere in the town, is the Abbazia of Santa Maria del Monte about a thousand years old. The Abbey is famous for its internationally known collection of “ex-voto” (wooden votive tablets), some of which were painted more than five centuries ago, and for the impressive dome painted by Giuseppe Milani. The Abbey also hosts some important and precious paintings and a laboratory for the restoration of ancient books.

Cesena, however, besides being a beautiful city of art, is also home to several activities that attract visitors and guests from all over the country. The macfrut, Fiera of Cesena, the Ippodrome, many famous industry such as Technogym, Orogel and Amadori Group.
There is also a famous University Campus  with the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering, Psychology, Architecture, and Computer Sciences and Scienze dell’alimentazione.